Crafting engaging SEO copy for your Czech website, making sure your business

thrives in the Czech Republic 

to win new customers in Czechia

 You want

Converting copy in czechia
Czech seo copy
Native czech copywriter

your brand to feature strongly in search results

a Czech web expert who talks business in English


Here's what I can do for you

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A bit about me

I'm a Czech copywriter who specialises in crafting highly converting web copy for small and medium businesses.

I’ve spent over five years doing business in the UK (and have learnt from some top people along the way). I'll be your go-to word wizard, web consultant and insider to the Czech market.

Believe me, I know how different these two cultures (Czech/UK) are.

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What I can help you with

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In a nutshell, I'm a web expert in the Czech language.

If you're coming from a more global context and are interested in the great opportunities the Czech Republic has to offer, I can make your entrance legen-dary.

I'll work with you to produce fantastic web content for your Czech project.

Whether you need a Czech translation of your copy, or top-quality content from scratch, we'll crack it together.

I can also provide the English version of your Czech website.


However, bear in mind, this will be intended for ’international English speakers’ only. If you are about to enter a particular English-speaking country, I advise you to work with a local copywriter there to make sure you get the result you deserve. 

What services I have to offer 

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When you need someone to find the holes in your website that are leaking money

I'll assess your copywriting and design weaknesses, and provide detailed feedback

I'll do market and customer research and I'll question you, so I can...

...come up with a selling strategy to suit your needs, and concrete steps which you can implement on your website straight away

I'll get to the bottom of your website issues and show you how to transform it into a lead-generating machine.

  • analysis report

  • screen recording with comments

  • list of practical suggestions

  • 2 rounds of emails or a 30-min phone call


275 EUR / 7200 Kč

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When your business needs killer copy for your website, blog, emails or ads

conversion-driven web copywriting at its finest 

strategy tailored to every area of your business based on thorough customer, market and keyword research 

unlimited revisions for 14 days after you publish the content and an easy-to-understand manual on how to structure new web content

I'm here to help you attract the right customers and increase your sales. With me on your team, we'll score and win.

  • Web copy 

single page of your website 

3 pages or more

370 EUR / 9700 Kč

290 EUR / 7600 Kč

per page

  • SEO blog post 

350 / 700 / 1500 words  

90 / 200 / 330 EUR

2300 / 5200 / 8600 Kč

  • Direct email marketing 

1 email campaign  

  • Ad copy

1 campaign  

90 EUR / 2400 Kč

120 EUR / 3200 Kč

Unbelievably great prices, right?

Welcome to Czechia! 

We’re well known for great-tasting, reasonably priced beer and my services have the same reputation.

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When you need someone to take the content burden off your shoulders. Web copy, social media and more – I've got you covered. 

I'll take care of your complete business-copy needs, including social media 


We'll campaign together for as long as you need me, but you don't have to employ me forever

I'll use tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar to optimise your website and leave your competition behind

We're in this together. I won't rest until you're getting what you deserve. Your long-term growth is the only acceptable outcome here.

160 EUR / 4200 Kč


  • Social media agent 

2 posts / week

  • Full content package 
2 social posts / week 
2 blog posts / month 
2 email campaigns / month
1 ad / month 
Any content up to 300 words / month

440 EUR / 11,500 Kč

monthly | 3 MTHs min

  • All-inclusive, so you rock!

    • Complete website copy from scratch

    • Long-term analysis and optimisation of your website​

    • Social profiles makeover

    • Ad accounts assistance

    • Full content package +

2 social posts / week 

2 blog posts / month 

2 email campaigns / month

Ads when needed

Any content up to 400 words / month

Starts at 3000 EUR / 80,000 Kč

5 MTHs collaboration paid in installments 1 x 50% + 4 x 12.5%

Check out my work. It's mostly in the Czech language, of course, but look out for the Union Jack flag in the corner to find my English-language projects.


Previous business clients send me regular updates on their web stats. They are seeing doubled revenue and a positive ROI within 3–6 months after publishing my work.

What to expect when you hire me
My only goal is to increase your revenue, and I won't rest until we get there. 


Lepší prodejní text
Magnet na zákazníky

Step 1

I'll carry out a quick overview of your website or project and send you a quote and project timeline to kick things off.

I'll also send you a couple of questions to make sure I understand your situation clearly. I'll then be able to suggest the right strategy and give you my final offer.

Once we've decided to go ahead, you'll pay a 50% deposit, and I'll ask you to fill in a detailed questionnaire. I shall dive deep into complex customer, market and keyword research. 


Step 2

I might call some of your best customers to get the reviews you have worked so hard for.

After gathering all the info, I will develop a tailored marketing strategy. Once you approve it, I'll start applying my keyboard magic.

I'll deliver the first draft of your fresh killer content before the agreed deadline. This is usually in 2–4 weeks. 


Step 3

Text který prodává

I'm ready for everything you have to say about the first draft. You're the customer, so I'll hear you out and work through all your comments to make sure the final product makes you feel proud and successful. 

Along with the final version of the copy, you'll also get an easy-to-understand manual on implementing your new customer magnet on your website.

Once it's live, I'll be around for 2 weeks, working closely with you or your web designer. Tweaking and tuning final touches is as important as the salt and pepper on your medium-rare steak.


Step 4

Voilà! Your website is now making its way to the hall of money-making machines, and once you pay the remaining 50%, all we have to do is celebrate.


Are you ready to

Czech web copy

make some happy Czech customers?

web copywriting czech republic

show your competitors how it's done?

Good czech copywriter

manage a website that rocks and is increasing your bank balance every day?

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Let's talk business

You may need more info before deciding to work with me. I get that.

Just shoot me an email on or fill in the contact form below with your questions.


It would be useful if you could give me some basic details about your project, so we can get straight to the point.

Alternatively, tell me as much as you can about your needs, and I'll be able to give you my quote and an estimated timeline right away.

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly.

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